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Wines of Pantelleria

From Passito to Zibibbo

The IGT Catarratto, dry and sharp, made from Catarratto grapes. Bianco Pantelleria DOC, fragrant and aromatic made from Zibibbo grapes, big golden and fragrant grapes. Sibà, the new label introduced in 2014 for a white wine of exceptional quality, cultivated at the Contrada Sibà vineyards.
IGT Nero D’Avola, a robust red wine.

The pride of the farm is Passito DOC Figlio del Vento inspired from the Arab name of the island and is an excellent dessert wine, golden yellow colour with an intense fragrance of raisins.

The Passito is prepared by using ancient Pantesco traditions: after picking the Zibibbo grapes the are spread out on drying racks and left to dry under the sun naturally without usinf whatsoever forced drying methods. The grapes are then laid upon an aromatic herb called “Disa” under the hot sun of Pantelleria umtil they become raisins, then on to the processing technique obtaining finally Passito DOC.

Another typical product of the winery , the distillate of Zinedi Passito.


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