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The secret of Zinedi Raisin Wine “Son of the Wind”

At the end of August we harvest our raisin grapes grown in Sibà garke and we choose the best ones, that we leave to dry in the sun upon ancient stone racks. We do not use any treatment, letting the sun of Pantelleria and the sea wind rich of perfumes dry them naturally.
After 25 to 30 days, we collect them in boxes and we dispart the berries that at this point are ready to be drenched in the Zibibbo DOC wine for about 40 days.
Finally, we press them to get our incomparable raisin wine. Time completes the work, with a natural aging that can last several years.

Our secret? The only one is that we do not have any. We do not use any procedure that is not natural, we do not ripen the grapes in the greenhouse, we do not add anything during this processing.
But there is a secret actually: the nature of our amazing island, of its volcanic ground, the heat of the sun in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and of the wind rich of sea salts.