Aldo’s story

The philosofic fisherman

Aldo Valenza, but here in Pantelleria simply Aldo, or “Mukkapinseri”, a name that means in dialect “foresee ones thoughts” a nickname inherited from his grandfather, a personality belonging to the legend of the island. They say he was a healer with the skill to foresee the future. His ability to read ones thoughts was so exact that he gave the impression to foresee what one would have said, or even inspire him and “capture him”.

Aldo is just like his grandfather, part of the nature of Pantelleria. Pioneer of underwater fishing, he dared all natures laws, he hunted his prey where nobody else could reach to later emerge with his bountiful capture of enormous lobsters, dentexes, groupers, ricciole and baskets full of oysters. When he tells you of the “magnificent woods of coral like cathedrals” one can feel the magic enchantment in the air of his ancestor. Perhaps he couldn’t even imagine himself in the varied personality of his descendents.

But the farmer and hotel manager of today still has the sea running through his veins. It’s still night time when he sets off for his deep sea fishing, mostly alone, romantic guardian of the seas secrets that his given him everything, cherishing his days on his boat, following the flow of the fish.